About Resonant Dawn

Since being a victim of domestic abuse – mainly emotional abuse – I have dedicated an abundance of time researching domestic abuse, both physical and sexual, as well as emotional abuse. I have also advocated for victim services, protection, and better justice for perpetrators of this horrible crime.

Victims who remain in abusive relationships face a perpetual nightmare, but they also face perpetual hope.

Resonant : reverberating. Webster’s defines resonance as a vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system.

A woman whose abuse is interrupted periodically by small periodic stimuli (apologies) find such vibrations not only welcome but to have rather loud amplitude. In other words, they resonate.

It is during these moments they have respite.

Dawn : n. beginning; v. emerge.

Each apology is a new beginning. Each morning, the abused can emerge with hope of a fresh start. She never stops hoping, in spite of what happens each day. She always tries harder to please him so he will stop.

In these pages, I hope to present to you not only my story, but stories that will help you identify the signs of abuse. Someone you know is being abused right now. They will never tell you. They may be afraid of the consequences, or they might genuinely not know they’re being abused.

It is up to us to help people escape these horrific circumstances. If a woman is trapped in an abusive relationship, it is not only extremely difficult to get out. It is sometimes dangerous. In fact, it could even be fatal without the right kind of help. If you know someone who is being abuse, please contact authorities or a local women’s shelter and ask for assistance. Please never try to intervene alone.

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